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Water Casting foil

Enjoy casting transfer foil is indispensable in any craftsman's collection. It is designed to create nail designs by transferring the foil from its donor side to the prepared nail. This method is called nail casting. With this tape, you can completely cover the nail plate, or design individual elements.

The end result depends on the chosen foil. The design can be made by transferring the foil to both gel polish and an ornament drawn with gel paint. It is advisable to choose a gel polish of a similar color with the chosen foil for casting; you can also "pour" on a dark substrate.

Foil from ENJOY is available in different shades, including patterns and holographic effects.


  1. Complete all normal steps before applying the color gel polish.
  2. Apply and dry the desired shade of gel polish. Let the marigold cool down after the lamp, because while it is still a warm sticky layer is still too liquid.
  3. Use a top for gel polish without a sticky layer, dry.
  4. Apply the pattern on the nail with gel polish or gel with a sticky layer, dry.
  5. Press the matte side of the foil firmly against the pattern, remove excess and cover with a top. To do this, without removing the sticky layer, firmly apply the casting foil and tear it off with a sharp movement. We repeat the procedure for areas where the foil has not transferred.
  6. You can lightly rub the butt with a mild buff. Apply the top and seal the butt. We dry each finger at once.

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