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Biolong Spiritus Sterilizer for hands 50ml

Biolong Spiritus Sterilizer for hands 50ml
Biolong Spiritus Sterilizer for hands 50ml
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  • Model: Biolong Spiritus Sterilizer for hands 50ml
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Antiseptic Biolong Spiritus Hand Sterilizer 50ml

The agent has a bactericidal effect against gram-positive (including mycobacterium tuberculosis B5), gram-negative bacteria, virucidal action (including hepatitis viruses, AIDS / HIV virus, poliomyelitis, influenza viruses, adenoviruses), fungicidal (including candidiasis, dermatophytes, yeast) and sporicidal properties. With repeated use, it does not disturb the lipid balance of the skin. The skin retains its protective properties. Has a long-lasting antimicrobial effect that lasts for 5 hours after application to the skin.

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Designed for the disinfection of the hands of surgeons, obstetricians and medical personnel involved in operations and childbirth in healthcare institutions; disinfection of the hands of medical personnel; for treating the skin of patients before invasive interventions, the elbow bends of donors; disinfection of hands of employees of educational institutions, pharmacies, laboratories of various subordination, utility facilities, in particular beauty salons, hairdressing salons, catering establishments, social security (nursing homes, disabled people, etc.), banking institutions, on all types of transport; disinfection of the hands of workers in food, pharmaceutical, biotechnological, cosmetic industries, sanitary and health resorts, restaurant and hotel businesses, agro-industrial enterprises and veterinary supervision; disinfection of hands and skin of personnel of other facilities, whose activities require compliance with hygiene standards.


For external use only. In case of contact with eyes, rinse thoroughly with plenty of water. See a doctor if necessary. Store in a dry place at temperatures from + 5 ° C to + 40 ° C, separately from food, out of the reach of children. At temperatures below + 5 ° C, sediment may appear, which does not affect the disinfecting and sterilizing properties.

Shelf life 36 months

Specifications ТУ У 20.2-14289688-003:2009

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